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  • Yamaha DRIVE Safe Wedge

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    Golf is a social sport, and in a time where social distancing is the norm, it can be very difficult for courses to operate how they normally would. Golfers riding together in a cart may not be close friends or from the same household.

    That's where the Safe Wedge Protective Partition comes into play. Course owners can offer a protective barrier to give golfers peace of mind while keeping fleets in full service - a true win-win!

    Constructed from hard-coated, lightweight polycarbonate, both sides of the Safe Wedge are resistant to scratches, abrasions, and harsh chemicals and can be cleaned and sanitized easily. With a specially designed bracket, hardware, and instructions, installation is a breeze. Each Safe Wedge can be installed in just minutes.

    Bracket-to-Cart Mounting:
    The Yamaha DRIVE and DRIVE2 Safe Wedges use the existing bolts that attach the roof to the cart's frame.  It requires no additional mounting hardware or modifications to the cart.  Simply remove the bolts attaching the roof to the frame, position the Safe Wedge in place and reattach the original cart-to-roof bolts.

    Polycarbonate-to-Bracket Mounting Hardware (Included):
    - (4) 10/32 NF x 1-5/8" Bolts
    - (4) 10-L Flat Washers
    - (4) Rubber Washers
    - (4) 10/32 Lock Nuts

    Safe Wedges are intended to promote physical distancing where the use of golf carts is allowed. To ensure compliance, we highly suggest checking with your local and state government.